World Class Electro-Coat Painting Technology

Our electro-coat paint system, located at our Austintown facility, is capable of electro-coating product up to 30" wide x 90" high x 48" long. The electro-coat process includes a continuous monorail with a seven-stage pretreatment system, 18,000-gallon tank and a convection baking operation.

We specialize in providing a consistent cosmetic e-coat to complex ferrous and non-ferrous parts. As a certified CAPA supplier, we meet specific customer requirements, delivering a product with a superior class A finish.

While the processes are similar, electro-coat painting and powder-coating are different procedures. Electro-coating typically results in a paint finish that is 1mm or less in thickness, while powder-coating finished are generally between 1-3mm. Electro-coating requires a paint bath to apply the coat, and it typically results in a more efficient coating process with less waste.